The 101 Casino is proud to offer a deluxe variety of games for your enjoyment.  Have questions, call the Card Room Floor at (707) 658-7101. Please explore below to find out more about these exciting games!

Table Games you can enjoy collection free and smoke free


We offer Double Deck and 8 Deck blackjack games where the Player/Banker covers all collection. On our Double Deck game we offer two side bets called “Buster Bet” and “Magic 7” where the payouts range from 1 to 1 all the way up to 100 to 1! On our 8 Deck blackjack games we have two different side bet’s called the “Buster Bet” and “Lucky Pair.” The “Buster Bet” allows players to win more money when the Player/Banker Bust, with payouts ranging from 2to1 up to 200to1! You have to come see all the excitement! Tables open 24 hours a day


EZ BACCARAT – $5 Min $25 to squeeze

EZ Baccarat is one of the most popular games offered today. Players choose to bet on the player or banker, the side that’s closest to “9” wins. Two separate side bets called “Panda 8” and “Dragon 7” adds excitement to this game. The “Panda 8” is a side bet when the Players hand wins with a three card total of 8, the side bet pays 25to1 (All bets placed on player will be paid out as well). The “Dragon 7” is a side bet when the Banker’s hand wins with a three card total of 7, the side bet pays 40to1. (All bets placed on Banker will push.) Come see the fast and furious action on our new EZ Baccarat tables!


This exciting game is where you make a high and low poker hand with your seven cards verse the Player/Banker’s seven cards. Two cards for the low hand and five cards for the high hand. This game is played with one Joker which can be used for an Ace or to complete a straight, flush or straight flush. Stop by to see it in action!


Three Card Poker is one of the easiest table games to play. Every player gets three cards and the Player/Banker gets three cards, with one card exposed to all players. Then it’s you verse the dealer for the best three card poker hand. We offer a side bet called “Pair Plus” where payouts range from 1to1 for a pair to 200to1 for a mini royal, plus a six card bonus bet! Come see this action packed game and your chance to win big!


Call in ahead for No Limit, PLO, 4/8 limit and Omaha. Names stay on the board for up to 1hr.

TEXAS HOLD’EM – (Cash Games)

The fastest growing card game in the world is available in your area 24/7. We have daily poker games for the beginners to the experienced. You can find 3/6 limit, 4/8 limit (w/ ½ kill) and $2/$5 blind no limit on a daily basis. If these games aren’t big enough, join us on the weekends for $5/$10 blind no limit where the buy in is $500 to $5,000(or the largest chip stack.)


Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) is similar to Texas Hold’em except the players are dealt four cards and must use two cards to make there best five card poker hand. Pot-Limit allows the players to bet the minimum up to the total amount of the Pot. Our blinds are $1,$2,$3 and $5 to go, with a buy in from $100 to $500 or up to the largest chip stack.


In Omaha Hi/Low every player gets four cards each and the pot is split between a High hand and a Low hand. If there is no Low hand possible the best High hand wins the whole pot. Our Blinds are $2/$4 (w/ ½ Kill.) Come join us for your chance to hit our Omaha Bad Beat Jackpot!


A five card stud game which each player receives a mix of face-up and face-down cards dealt in multiple betting rounds. This game is played with a Joker where if it’s dealt face-down it is completely wild and if it’s dealt face-up it can be used as an Ace or to complete a straight, flush or straight flush. Join us on Wed @6pm or Sun @6pm.